Romeo and Juliet Now Playing

Maureen 2017-18 Season, Now Playing

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet opens Friday, May 4, at the Firehall Theatre.

Shakespeare’s ultimate love story tells of young lovers who struggle to escape their controlling families. It is a powerful story of how love ends in tragedy, but finally overcomes the longstanding feud between two families. Paula Worley of Shakespeare Street Theatre, who directed Twelfth Night last year, and has extensive experience as a Shakespearean director, presents this play in a new, unique, and highly original production.

The stage is simple and bare and actors play multiple roles – that’s what theatre was like in Shakespeare’s day. This production brings the story to 1930’s Canada where there is a suggestion of tension between francophone and anglophone families: Shakespeare never told us why the families were feuding.

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Scenes from the dress rehearsal on Wednesday.