Props Builders Needed for The 39 Steps

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Props builders, here is your opportunity to shine!

Volunteers are needed now for the props building and sourcing team for The 39 Steps. Directed by Jack Boyagian and produced by Fran Martin, The 39 Steps is a comedy in which the action is dependent on many, many props and split-second timing.

  • Props for this production are a key requirement and are required earlier in the build phase of the production as opposed to other productions.
  • Props quantity – 50 to 70 props, will be reviewed and confirmed by the director.
  • A portion of Props from the props production listing will be needed prior to first rehearsals as the actors will rehearse with actual props. to establish the blocking.
  • The stage management team will require these same props as they will be rehearsing with the actors.
  • Volunteers should to be available for rehearsals to review/modify props, as props are a key to the success of the production. This is a key requirement of this production.

Time Frame:

Build time frame – May to August.

Production date – Show opens October 14 at the Best Western Cobourg Inn and Conference Centre..

Props builders need to be:

a. able to source, create or modify props for the production as listed in the production props listing.

b. creative as creativity is a key element for this role.

c. able to work within a team and work independently to make deadlines. This is important.

Contact Props Manager Mike Sonosky at cell 905-376-6801, email –

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