Production Handbook

At Northumberland Players, you can learn on the job!

Volunteers work on production teams as performers on stage or in many roles behind the scenes. Click to download a job description for details about each job. For more information about the responsibilities of all positions on the production team see the entire Production Handbook.(rev)

Performer (actor, musician, singer, etc. – See Actor

Producer – See Producer (updated)

Director – See Director

Stage Management – See Stage Manager

Properties (Props) – See Properties Manager

Costumes – See Costume Head

Hair and Make-Up Head – See Hair and Make-Up

Set Design – See Set Designer

Set Construction and Set Builders – See Set Construction Head

Set Dresser (set décor) – See Set Dresser

Set Painter – See Set Painter

Show Photographer – See Show Photographer

Poster and Program Design – See Poster Designer, Program Designer

Technical Lighting Design and Operation – See Lighting Designer, Operator

Technical Sound Design and Operation – See Sound Designer, Operator

Front of House (at Firehall Theatre) – See Front of Front of House (Firehall)House (Firehall)

For safety protocols for productions during rehearsals and performances. See Emergency Protocols

For Incident and Accident Report see Incident and Accident Report