Volunteer Resources

1. Production Handbook

At Northumberland Players, you can learn on the job!

Volunteers work on production teams as performers on stage or in many roles behind the scenes. Click to download a job description for details about each job. For more information about the responsibilities of all positions on the production team see the entire Production Handbook.(rev)

Performer (actor, musician, singer, etc. – See Actor

Producer – See Producer (updated)

Director – See Director

Stage Management – See Stage Manager

Properties (Props) – See Properties Manager

Costumes – See Costume Head

Hair and Make-Up Head – See Hair and Make-Up

Set Design – See Set Designer

Set Construction and Set Builders – See Set Construction Head

Set Dresser (set décor) – See Set Dresser

Set Painter – See Set Painter

Show Photographer – See Show Photographer

Poster and Program Design – See Poster Designer, Program Designer

Technical Lighting Design and Operation – See Lighting Designer, Operator

Technical Sound Design and Operation – See Sound Designer, Operator

Front of House (at Firehall Theatre) – See Front of Front of House (Firehall)House (Firehall)

For safety protocols for productions during rehearsals and performances. See Emergency Protocols

For Incident and Accident Report see Incident and Accident Report

2. Safe Spaces: Policy and Procedure Manual

Download Safe Spaces: Policy and Procedure Manual

Orientation Policy

Northumberland Players shall strive to provide each Member and Volunteer with orientation that best serves their new position, and provides them with the knowledge needed to work effectively and efficiently.

Policy Manuals - New Members and Volunteers will be provided with access to appropriate materials to orient them to their position and to the organization.

Health and Safety Orientation – Northumberland Players shall provide health and safety orientation in an effort to familiarize Members and Volunteers to Northumberland Players’ health and safety program and work-related hazards they face during  Northumberland Players’ activities.

Job-Specific Orientation – Northumberland Players shall ensure that the new Members and Volunteers are provided with orientation regarding their roles and functions, an overview of the core competencies expected, and the resources available (including documentation, training).