Northumberland Players – Enriching Lives Dramatically!

Over 300 enthusiastic volunteers who work as actors, producers, directors, set designers, set builders, costume makers, stage, lighting and sound operators, etc., are proof that passion for theatre is alive and well in Northumberland.

Whether you want to be a performer or one of the long list of people who work behind the scenes to produce a show, volunteers are the first to hear of opportunities to participate in all aspects of community theatre in Northumberland. Volunteers are encouraged to become paid members but this is not mandatory as we value your participation in so many aspects of our productions and activities.

These are not jobs for which you need a long résumé of qualifications and work experience. These are volunteer positions where you can explore interests outside of work, learn on the job, develop new skills, and be part of a team enjoying the opportunity to present live theatre. And you can choose how much time to commit!

It has long been the policy of Northumberland Players that all productions be cast through open auditions, with no pre-casting. Actors who have “ticked” the Actor box receive all audition notices. Directors cast the play from those who audition.

Other positions on production teams are open to all volunteers. How will this happen?

  • When crew or any volunteers are required, Mailchimp email notices be sent to everyone who has “ticked” the relevant box on the volunteer sign-up online.
  • When you receive a notice, if you want to be considered for a position on the team, reply to the producer simply by “clicking” on the name to automatically generate an email.

Producers and directors may select the best fit for their teams and include new volunteers to learn-on-the -job. Volunteers, remember to reply to the Mailchimp email to be considered. You can also contact the producer earlier in the season for more information.

Complete a volunteer sign-up so that we have your permission to put your name, and how you would like to help, on the Volunteer List which is made available to producers. Select as many interests as you want from 25 categories. Each year you will be invited to update your profile, but you can update any time you receive an email, right at the very, very bottom.

Your name stays on the list until you ask for it to be removed so you don’t have to sign up every year.

Please note that volunteers over 79 years of age are not covered by the insurance of Northumberland Players.

Volunteer Positions with Northumberland Players – You can learn on the job!

Volunteers may work on a production team or help with the administration of the Players behind the scenes. Click to download a job description for details. For more information about the responsibilities of each position on the production team and resources available see the Northumberland Players Production Handbook 2018

Performer (actor, musician, singer, etc.)

  • prepares to present a character to fulfill the Director’s production concept. See Actor


  • manages the production within the budget
  • ensures that the production reflects the Director’s production concept. See Producer


  • provides the creative and artistic leadership
  • determines how actors, set, costumes, sound, light, etc. will contribute. See Director

Stage Management

  • records Director’s intentions in the Prompt Book during rehearsals
  • calls all performances by announcing all cues. See Stage Manager

Play Reading

  • assists the Artistic Director by reading and assessing plays for future seasons

Properties (Props)

  • obtains and organizes items used by actors on stage except costumes. See Properties Manager


  • creates the look of each character by selecting, obtaining or creating clothes and accessories the actors will wear. See Costume Designer

Hair and Make-Up Head

  • designs the styling of make-up and hair to complete the final look of characters . See Hair and Make-Up

Set Design

  • designs the set reflecting the Director’s production concept. See Set Designer

Set Construction and Set Builders

  • constructs the set and major set pieces to the Set Designer’s specifications. See Set Construction Head
  • Set Builders transport the prepared set to the stage and assemble it according to specifications

Set Dresser (set décor)

  • selects and arranges the furniture, window treatments, and accessories on the set to the Set Designer’s specifications. See Set Dresser

Set Painter

  • paints the set, including walls, floor, and set pieces, as requested by the Set Designer and Set Dresser. See Set Painter

Show Photographer

  • records action, set, costumes, etc. during the production from rehearsals to performance for archives
  • takes photographs need for marketing the production, including headshots, poster, social media. See Show Photographer

Poster and Program Design

Technical Lighting Design and Operation

  • creates and executes the lighting design
  • runs the lights for the performances or hands over to a Lighting Operator. See Lighting Designer:Operator

Technical Sound Design and Operation

  • plans and provides the sound effects reflecting the Director’s production concept
  • operates the sound during the performances or hands over to a Sound Operator. See Sound Designer:Operator

Front of House

  • takes tickets at the door, ensures safety for the audience, and co-ordinates the sale of refreshments. See Front of House (Firehall)
  • sell 50/50 tickets at the dinner theatre (must be a member by OLG rules)
  • seat audience at the Concert Hall for children’s show

Office (administration)

  • during office hours, meets public
  • answers routine email and telephone and forwards messages
  • accepts registrations and payment for membership and camp

Marketing (web and social media)

  • assists marketing director in posting to websites and social media

Marketing (special events and other activities)

  • organizes and manages displays at booths at events


  • organizes events and activities to raise money
  • writes grant proposals

NP Costume House (costume rental and management)

  • organizes and maintains the costume collection
  • selects and fits costumes for shows and event
  • sews costumes and accessories

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Please use the space provided to tell us more about your specific skills and interests within each category, in addition to checking all areas of volunteering that interest you!

Or, if you prefer, you can sign up at the Northumberland Players office at the Firehall Theatre in Cobourg. Download a volunteer-form that you can mail or bring to the Firehall.

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