The Glass Menagerie


  1. Karen Becker - October 3, 2015 19:26

    Dear Jack,
    Paul and I have been enjoying your Firehall productions for years; We attended last evening’s performance, Friday October 2nd. I found the stumbled lines of Amanda very distracting and irritating.
    It is an honor to play that role and I would expect her to learn the lines, even as difficult as they perhaps are.
    Matt Kowalyk’s direction should have, in my view, met your standards.
    Karen Becker

    • Garth & Maureen Holloway - October 5, 2015 15:50

      Firstly thank-you for being a supporter of the Northumberland Players. We are a community theatre that works hard on improving the quality of our shows. Actors and crew spend hundred’s of hours for each show. They go to workshops and take private lessons to improve their craft. I personally saw the woman who played Amanda working on scenes with actors above and beyond the regularly scheduled rehearsals. This is what makes our group so amazing.

      Nevertheless, as an audience we want professional quality performances each time and rightfully so. I saw this show on another night and did not see any distracting problems. That is the nature of live theatre. On any given night actors have to be perfect and do not have an opportunity to redo a scene like in film. The director also has no control over a performance once the group has rehearsed in this case for over three months. If the lines were distracting as you say, I’m sure the actor was aware of it. I have been on stage and know how much we beat ourselves up when we don’t have that perfect show. I’m sure she worked hard to rectify the problem.

      I do appreciate the comments as feedback like this is valuable. Keep coming to our shows and we will continue to work hard to create high quality community theatre.

      President and Artistic Director.
      Jack Boyagian


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