5 EODL Awards for Leaving Home

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Leaving Home was entered in the EODL 85th Annual Fall Length Play Festival.

At the Awards Brunch on Sunday, April 8, 2108. the the production received 5 EODL Awards:

Deep River Players Award for Best Visual Presentation
“A holistic, consistant, visual metaphor for the play”
Therese May Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Student
Awarded to Luke Paron as Ben Mercer
Ron Hazelgrove Award for Best Cameo Performance
Awarded to Bill Walker as Harold
Margaret White Award for Acting Excellence
“A lasting impression that lingers”
Awarded to Kim Brouwer as Minnie Jackson
The Kingston Trophy for Best Canadian Play
The Players successfully took on the challenge of producing a classic play.

Congratulations to producers Anne-Marie Bouthillette and Kaye Torrie, director Matt Kowalyk, stage manager Kara Besson and the cast and crew for their success.

The recipients with their awards:
For more photos, see Leaving Home

The Set

Luke Paron – Ben Walker

Bill Walker – Harold

Kim Brouwer – Minnie Jackson

The Ensemble, minus Harold

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